July 23, 2014

Welcome to the International Strategic Cancer Alliance

A cancer diagnosis is often the most frightening event in a person’s life. Despite the presence of multiple options for dealing with the disease, no medical facility integrates cancer treatment into a comprehensive program based on the totality of the scientific data available. The result is that it is a challenge to provide patients with the optimal opportunity to achieve long-term survival.

To meet this challenge, a new organization called the International Strategic Cancer Alliance (ISCA) has been formed to unite patients with oncologists and other specialists who will integrate a vast array of synergistic therapies into individually tailored (boutique) treatment programs.

The ISCA is currently focused on assistance to newly diagnosed prostate and breast cancer patients. The leaders of ISCA are committed to helping patients navigate the medical world while consulting with top experts and researching the best available protocols for each individual. Through a coordinated effort, a customized approach is designed. Cancer is a complex disease that requires a multi-prong effort to provide the best chances of attaining a cure, remission, or significant extension of life.

Discoveries occur quickly in the research setting, but the process by which they are incorporated into any clinical oncology practice is excruciatingly slow. The ISCA expedites treatments and has access to state-of-the-art labs that analyze a patient’s cancer profile. Through this unique concentration of talent and use of the very latest research findings, a method for attacking the cancer is developed.

Additionally, the ISCA focuses on the best means for tolerating treatments and maintaining a good quality of life. The Alliance also facilitates the design and implementation of human clinical trials for cancer patients and sponsors promising research. A medical advisory board has been formed to assist with the program’s goals. The client base of ISCA already includes international participants.